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From a Press Release, 2001:
Grand Rapids, Mich./ May 1, 2000/ -- With the launch of Responsible Single Fathers, a resource now exists that is devoted exclusively to single fathers needs and the needs of their children. The organization, at , will focus its Internet presence on serving fathers across the United States. The site welcomes the many types of single fathers (custodial, non-custodial, never-married, widowed, etc.) and provides a number of resources to serve them.

Executive Director, Vince Regan highlighted a few of the site offerings. "The development of Responsible Single Fathers allows fathers the ability seek support from others through one of four messageboards at the site. We expect this forum alone will serve thousands of U.S. Fathers as they adjust to living the single life, while still loving, nurturing, and supporting their children." He continued, "Another section of the site allows experienced single fathers to share their tips with others by submitting their own single father articles for publication on the site. The world is full of experts on a number of subjects, but single fathers who have lived through the turmoil of divorce and the resulting conflicts have a wealth of positive information to share with fathers who are just beginning down that same road."

Responsible Single Fathers is not a Father's Rights group, and in fact, distances itself from most fathers' rights groups due to a frequent negative and critical focus many of those groups hold. Instead, the new organization is hoping to work with women's groups, legislators, social service organizations, and other agencies in an effort to help our nations children by supporting their fathers as they cope with broken relationships.

Regan said, "While the web site is up and running and being frequently updated, we are also working within the state of Michigan to build a "face-to-face presence" with single fathers. We recognize not everyone has Internet access, nor is it always the most beneficial method of working with individuals. Our goal is to grow the organization to a point where the entire state will have area coordinators and regular weekly meetings where Single Fathers can participate in discussions that will let them know they are not alone."

Also on the agenda for the group is the formation of a statewide network of social service type agencies, which may have services of benefit to single fathers. Responsible Single Fathers will work to assemble these far-reaching resources, cataloguing their skills, and forming relationships with their staff in order to refer single fathers to assistance that can best benefit their unique situations.